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Watching the Time
Watching the Time
Men's style | October 9, 2017

Watching the Time

Watch collector and businessman Mohammed Al Nuaimi has garnered thousands of followers on Instagram through his insightful posts and genuine passion for his hobbies, rather than simply a desire to be popular

Mohammed Al Nuaimi is genuinely one of the nicest people you can imagine — he’s efficient, friendly, measured and accommodating. This is perhaps not the image most of us have in mind of a social media “influencer”. But it’s precisely his personality that’s made him someone people want to listen to. 

“Since the beginning, I’ve dedicated all my social media channels to expressing myself as I am and to sharing my passions,” he says. “And watch collecting was top of that list! I really love educating the audience about the right valuation of watches, what to look for in a watch and how to build a proper personal appreciation of timepieces.”

A former telecoms engineer who took a 180-degree turn to open his own investment company, the friendly watch enthusiast is no stranger to risks — and it’s the risks he’s taken that have taught him what to avoid when building his collection, advice he happily shares with others. 

I asked my father why he spent a lot of money on watches. He replied, ‘Because one day these watches will be yours.
Mohammed Al Nuaimi

“A very common amateur mistake is blindly following the hype of buying a watch because it’s in high demand and the waiting lists are endless. Just because a watch is highly sought after or popular doesn’t mean that it has to appeal to you. I always advise people to buy what they like — what would you enjoy wearing? Timepieces are personal, so give yourself the chance to build your own watch character.” 

Al Nuaimi also advises not being afraid of a deal — the price tag isn’t what defines a high-quality watch: “When I first started collecting watches, I couldn’t afford to buy mechanical high-end watches, plus my horological knowledge wasn’t extensive, so I bought fashion watches from brands like Burberry and Gucci.

“But one of my fondest watch memories is being offered a watch by a brand called Gio Monaco at 60 per cent off. It had a diamond bezel, brown dial and strap and retailed at about Dhs14,000. Dhs6,000 was too good to be true and that equates to about two years’ worth of savings — that’s when I started learning about deal hunting.”

The watch fan currently owns 18 timepieces, with two more on the way. The pieces he treasures most are from Rolex, Tag Heuer, Jaeger-LeCoultre and of course, the crowning jewel in his collection, a Frédérique Constant timepiece that was a gift from the Sultan of Oman to his father, and passed down to him. 

Like most watch connoisseurs, Al Nuaimi has watches for every occasion. “Most of my watches are suitable for most occasions,” he says. “However, I am fond of the Rolex Green dial Milgauss as my travel watch of choice. 

“When dressing a kandoura, I would go for the latest Rolex steel Daytona with a black ceramic bezel and white dial. The subdials are black, resulting in a ‘panda’ dial look, which goes extremely well with traditional dress.”

And for a suit? “Without a doubt, it has to be the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. It isn’t dubbed ‘the CEO’s watch’ for nothing. It’s extremely elegant.”  

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