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Seeing red
Seeing red
Travel | May 1, 2017

Seeing red

A bold new artistic journey begins at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island with 'Vermilion,' the first exhibition curated by Novus Art Gallery

Ancient Chinese philosopher and writer Lao Tzu once said “a journey of a million miles begins with a single step”. Inspired by this, Novus Art Gallery has curated it’s first exhibition, which takes place at The Galleria entitled 'Vermilion' - a brilliant red or scarlet hue named after pigment originally made from powdered mineral cinnabar. All works have been carefully selected to narrate a comprehensive story, while providing unique visual and aesthetic impact. 

Exhibiting artists include famed Ahmad Moualla, Hanaa Malallah, Hunt Slonem, Jason Young, Marco Angelini, Robert Weber, Richard Orlinski, Saschia Bovini and Zhuang Hong Yi. Featuring strong and memorable, yet fresh and easily-recognisable traits, the upcoming exhibition strives to make an imprint in audiences’ minds using the strength of the stimulating and provoking colour vermilion. 

Widely used in the art and decoration of Ancient Rome, across the paintings of the Renaissance period and in lacquerware of China, vermilion represents brilliance, is daring and unforgettable. 

The gallery’s first collective show is the “first step” on a journey to bring art to the wider community of Abu Dhabi, channelling Lao Tzu’s wise words. 

​The strength of ‘Vermilion’ will be apparent through an underlying sense of freedom and rebirth from within the pieces. Famous calligraphy artworks by Ahmad Moualla, inspired by Rumi’s poems, placed alongside unique canvases by Hanaa Malallah, mixed media works by Marco Angelini, and surrounded by newest sculptures by one of the most famous contemporary French artists Richard Orlinski and other carefully chosen artists, create a strong sense of conceptual unity that emits natural lightness, strength and impeccable artistic mastery.

Novus Art Gallery was founded in 2017 with the main aim of bringing high-quality artworks by internationally-renowned artists to the heart of the UAE’s capital. Inspired by the success of cultural events including Abu Dhabi Art, Novus Art Gallery chose to nest its first showroom in Abu Dhabi’s business and lifestyle destination Al Maryah Island at The Galleria. The gallery will be organising around five collective shows and one or two solo shows as well as several workshops throughout the year. 

'Vermilion' is open to the public within The Galleria from now until June. Novus Art Gallery is run by art experts who not only curate exhibitions but also offer private art advisory, corporate consultancy, as well as a sourcing service for luxurious hotels. Located on Level 1.