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L’ETO - Making memories count
L’ETO - Making memories count
Dining | July 16, 2018

L’ETO - Making memories count

With a delicious choice of nutritious and healthy meals complemented by an array of indulgent desserts, they say that you will never forget your first visit to L’ETO at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island.
One thing’s for sure, the outside-the-lunchbox surprises, filling breakfasts and distinctive cakes will have you trying different dishes at every sitting

Whether you are feasting your eyes on the delectable cake display, enjoying antipodean coffee or relishing an absolutely, unbeatable breakfast, the entire team will urge you to, and we quote, “Count the memories, not the calories!”

As the first L’ETO in Abu Dhabi, the boutique café is a one-of-a-kind dining destination that is sure to compliment The Galleria on Al Maryah Island’s current restaurant line-up. Serving the most delicious cakes, pastries, breads, healthy salads, mains and of course, coffee, it is an all-day dining café and restaurant for those with varied palates.

Set to become a foodie hotspot of serious note, unique dishes are vivid, striking, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, delicious.

The arrival of L’ETO will further expand The Dining Collection, confirming The Galleria’s position as a culinary hub in Abu Dhabi, boasting an already impressive portfolio of luxury restaurants.

L’ETO is situated along the stunning waterfront Promenade and is a unique destination for flavoursome meals, hearty breakfasts, as well as popular, signature Mediterranean-influenced dishes.

The eatery prides itself on welcoming diners from across the globe, with friendly customer service and fresh, homemade cuisine, along with a personalised cake service.

“We are ready to take the capital city of this great country on the most luxurious and tasty journey with L’ETO,” says owner and founder Artem Login. “We have seen Abu Dhabi based customers as one of the most loyal clientele of L’ETO, so we are preparing a special, truly wonderful and an elevated branch of L’ETO for Abu Dhabi.”

While much has changed over the last seven years, the core of L’ETO philosophy remains the same. It is a philosophy “blending the heart and mind of nutritious and healthy dining complemented by a palatable variety of desserts that few mortals can resist” explains Artem.

Succulent and spectacular Mediterranean dishes like teriyaki salmon, roasted rosemary turkey, or honey roasted pumpkin and kale, line the main section of a varied menu.

However, don’t expect the ordinary because Artem and his team have some real surprises up their organic-farming sleeves!

“Sunshine at its best” is how Artem describes the bulk of the options. “They are full of intriguing contradictions,” he says. “They are simple yet sophisticated, extraordinary yet familiar, peaceful yet with a handful of surprising drama.”

He’s not exaggerating either, as the sweet potato with quinoa yoghurt really stands out from the page. But it is the desserts that really sets this place apart. Top off your meal with an irresistible pistachio rose and raspberry cake, or a Dulce De Leche, which is like nothing we’ve ever tasted before.

Fresh and organic ingredients are key to the success of L’ETO and have allowed the concept to bloom all over the world. From tried-and-tested favourites to the more unusual, each dish is prepared using only the best products, elevating flavour and taste to well beyond the norm.

Artem maintains another unique factor of L’ETO is the team, many of which have worked for the brand from day one. “Together we are the family,” he says. “One that now extends to include our customers.”

In just less than 12 months, two branches have opened doors in Dubai, followed by this flagship outpost in the capital and Artem insists the eateries have swiftly become ‘go-to’ spots for local UAE residents, as well as visitors and expats. “It’s going to be a taste-filled journey,” he adds. L’ETO will be joining the likes of Zuma, Nusr-Et and La Petite Maison to seamlessly complement the collection set along the waterfront Promenade. 

“Send yourself into cake heaven and top off your meal with an irresistible pistachio rose and raspberry cake, or a Dulce De Leche cake, which is like nothing we’ve ever tasted before.”

L’ETO at The Galleria

Located on Level 1