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Large & In Charge - AW18 Men's Fashion
Large & In Charge - AW18 Men's Fashion

Large & In Charge - AW18 Men's Fashion

Get The Look | Men's style | November 15, 2018

The colder months herald the most exciting time on the local fashion and cultural calendar, as there are more events to see and be seen at. But AW18 is all about easy comfort. Think flowy items in relaxed fits. In keeping with the athleisure movement, there’s a focus on practicality — most notably in the use of materials not traditionally associated with the fashion industry. This is sensible fashion at its purest.

The Brown Ultimatum

Surprisingly, this is the biggest colour this season. Go for 50 shades of brown and you’ll be bang on trend. Some looks use a single hue, but also feel free to mix and match your warm and cold tones. This is a great one for texture.

Dolce & Gabbana

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Tom Ford sunglasses DHS 1,455 Enquire
Christian Louboutin Loubi Kraft PVC and calfskin embellishment skypouch DHS 4,050 Enquire
Berluti B Volute belt DHS 2,430 Enquire
Saint Laurent boot POA Enquire
Saint Laurent silk scarf DHS 3,000 Enquire

Rough Trade

The trend towards functional fashion has never been bigger. Designers take industrial elements and devise them into clothes. Sporty materials are hot, as are utilitarian elements such as nylon, Velcro and hardware clasps and buckles.

Hugo Boss
Emporio Armani

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Saint Laurent trench coat DHS 11,300 Enquire
Diesel trousers DHS 2,599 Enquire
Christian Louboutin Huston Loubi Kraft PVC and calfskin embellishment boot DHS 5,510 Enquire
Berluti pouch DHS 2,230 Enquire

Into the Wild

Designers aren’t subtle about wanting to get us into the great outdoors — material normally used for tents has been incorporated into the latest designs. And should it be über cold, wearing your duvet wouldn’t look out of place.

Ermenegildo Zegna

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Diesel J-Crust bomber jacket DHS 1,750 Enquire
Gucci GG Flashtrek boots DHS 4,050 Enquire
Ermenegildo Zegna gloves DHS 2,550 Enquire
Saint Laurent backpack DHS 5,750 Enquire
Tom Ford sunglasses DHS 1,455 Enquire