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To Dine or to dine more?
To Dine or to dine more?
Dining | October 9, 2017

To Dine or to dine more?

You’ve had a busy day. Maybe you’ve been shopping for hours, trying to find that perfect little black dress. Maybe you’re visiting Abu Dhabi for the first time and have included The Galleria in your “must-see” list. Maybe you’re rushed off your feet at work and just popped in for a quick bite. Or maybe you and your friends need a lively environment in which to de-stress.

Whatever your story, The Galleria’s Dining Collection has the refreshment you need: from beautiful views on the waterfront Promenade to a lingering beverage on the terrace to charming, delightful cafés. Come on in — the food’s just fine

Magnolia bakery  

If you found yourself suddenly talking about and craving cupcakes a few years ago, or noticed all the cupcakeries popping up around the world, you’ve got Magnolia Bakery to thank for that added sweetness in your life.  But not only cupcakes are to be found here: you can try out the New York-based bakery’s world-famous banana pudding, its classic nostalgic American “icebox desserts” as well as gorgeous occasion cakes and pies. Magnolia even makes speciality cakes for birthdays, anniversaries or events. If you like your décor charming and with a touch of 1950s-style Americana, Magnolia Bakery will give you everything you’re after. 

02 674 9380, The Galleria Level 2

Biryani Pot  

If you crave international Desi food with a combination of international appeal and traditional recipes, head to the charming Biryani Pot. In addition to several different varieties of biryani from different traditions around the subcontinent, the restaurant also offers less decadent versions with quinoa instead of rice and less ghee. Or, if you fancy even healthier Indian flavours, go for a wrap or a salad with a touch of garam masala or tandoori. For those who want a quick, on-the-go snack, Biryani Pot offers chaat with lots of variety, including its signature tamarind mint chaat. All Biryani Pot biryanis are served in the traditional manner in a clay pot. 

02 676 6555, The Galleria Level 2

GOSSIP Café & Desserts

This charming café is an entirely new mix of American, Emirati and European styles — it’s the best of all your worlds in one place. The cafe serves sweet and savoury contemporary European cuisine with Emirati-inspired flavours and spices. There are healthy organic beverages, organic coffee and an afternoon tea service.  Gossip Café & Desserts even lets you design your own cake from an extensive selection of flavours and buttercream frostings — sweet as can be!

02 677 7520, The Galleria Level 2


Once upon a time there was a French chain of Japanese restaurants which opened in Dubai and Abu Dhabi…and everyone who ate there lived happily ever after. This heart-warming story of global cuisine isn’t a fairy tale – it’s true! What’s made it so popular is that it combines the concepts of fine dining a la Japan with quick service – so you get the timing of a simple, cheerful outlet, but the cuisine of a Michelin-starred joint, all in one place. And the best part of this story? SushiArt delivers. 

02 677 0830, The Galleria Level 2

Leopold’s of London   

Pop quiz. Where can you find both Tunisian eggs and a traditional English fry-up in one place? Answer: Leopold’s of London. This café and bistro is a delightful addition to the UAE’s culinary offering, and The Galleria venue gives diners a place to hide away from the hustle and bustle of busy Abu Dhabi life. LoL, as it’s affectionately known to its regulars, is the place to go if you’re obsessed with morning beverages — it boasts a Coffee Lab with an in-house roastery, so your coffee is freshly roasted and ground before being poured into your cup. They also sell coffee beans, and we can confess that they’re some of the best our coffee lovers at The Galleria have ever tried! If coffee isn’t your bag, never fear: LoL’s Tea Library houses more than 70 different varieties of tea, each one specifically chosen for the palettes of UAE residents by LoL’s Tea Doctors, trained specialists with in-depth knowledge of brewing methods and materials.  The food at LoL is modern European café fare with a wacky twist. Try quinoa arancini with Wagyu Bolognese. Or how about classic  fish and chips, but with light, delicious Japanese panko breadcrumbs? Whatever your taste buds are telling you, LoL has the answer.  

02 665 5214, The Galleria Level 2


Arabic food in general and Lebanese in particular are much-loved worldwide, but particularly in this region, where we have access to some of the best recipes. Sambusek, with its elegant ambience and chic décor, has a homey approach to food. Head chef Emad Zalloum hails from Lebanon and worked at the Burj Al Arab before joining the Sambusek team. He personally selects seafood every day from Abu Dhabi’s local fish market. Sambusek’s vibrant, upbeat environment is a standout with its waterfront dining terrace, elegant firepits and the Abu Dhabi skyline providing a wonderful backdrop to whatever occasion you’re celebrating. 

02 813 5550, Rosewood, Abu Dhabi


There are many Thai restaurants to choose from in the UAE, but Lemongrass stands out from the Siamese crowd by sourcing all its ingredients directly from Thailand. And unlike many other venues, Lemongrass has a Thai owner and employs chefs straight from Thailand to cook you the best and freshest cuisine. Brand chef Thira Khamwong  ensures that each dish is prepared fresh and offers you truly authentic Chef Recommended dishes, which change regularly to introduce diners to the real taste of Thailand.

02 677 0100, The Galleria Level 2

Café Bateel  

One of the best ways to offer exceptional food in any restaurant is to connect directly with the farmers and suppliers of raw materials, which Bateel does with its date farms. The eatery offers dates and gifts, bakery treats and a dining option, which serves a combination of Arabian and Mediterranean fare. Whether you want a classic Arabian, Italian or French dish, Café Bateel has you covered. We love fusion dishes such as date Bircher muesli and fusilli with lemon zataar sauce and local fava beans. Café Bateel also caters for special diners — if you’re vegetarian, or hampered by an intolerance, Café Bateel has options for you.

02 671 2337, The Galleria Level 2