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Be Dashing, Be Brave
Be Dashing, Be Brave

Be Dashing, Be Brave

Get The Look | Women's style | November 15, 2018

The owner of Bedashing Beauty Lounge and multiple businesses to boot, Noor Al Tamimi, talks to The Galleria Magazine about all things beauty, from going bare-faced to how one of the UAE’s busiest women finds time for her beauty routine.

Noor with her daughters

Abu Dhabi native Noor is always smiling – one quick glance at her Instagram page reveals the strong, confident smile of a businesswoman whose beauty comes from her business prowess and strong family relationships.  The half-Jordanian, half-Emirati businesswoman studied banking and finance at university before going on to found Alnomas Interiors. But in 2008, her business acumen was needed for a new venture – alongside her sisters, she decided to open Bedashing Beauty Lounges, and now manages an impressive 350 staff. Her goal is to have 65 salons across the UAE by 2021. With her strong drive and determination, there’s no doubt she’ll achieve it. 

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How long have you been involved with beauty?

Since I was two years old! I have a photo of me playing with my mom’s red Chanel lipstick and drawing with it all across the room’s beige carpet! As a girl, I was always interested in beauty but never imagined myself in this industry, as I had always imagined myself being the CEO of a bank. But destiny finally led me to this beautiful industry in 2008.

What made you switch from interiors and finance to beauty?

Interiors is and will always remain my passion, but the nature of the business requires a lot of socialising and establishing contacts which didn’t suit my shy personality. I prefer to work behind the scenes. But at the same time, it has been my dream to build an international empire that grows far beyond me, which is why I still run interior and beauty companies, as well as other businesses.

What tip you would give to women from the Gulf about their make-up and beauty routine?

I can’t specifically address beauty routines, but as the owner of multiple businesses, I can definitely give tips to busy women! Every couple of months, I have two make-up routines that I stick to and sort of automate. My goal when getting ready is to be fast but to look good at the same time. So I have a simple look for the day and a special or more dressed up one for the evenings. I try my best not to stick to a certain look for too long and always find ways to freshen up my look. Maybe it’s a new lipstick colour, or alternating from a full make-up look to a fresh-faced look.

PILLARS OF STRENGTH: Noor, along with her sisters, encourage women to ‘be inspired, be daring and be financially independent.’

What’s the hardest part about being a beauty business guru?

Being so busy but having to look good all the time, even if I only need to go to the supermarket, because someone will recognise me and as I’m representing Bedashing, I need to make sure I’m representing it well!

Who are your style and beauty heroines?

I try to create my own style, but I also get inspired by many of the beautiful ladies that I follow on Instagram. 

Do you plan to take Bedashing international?

Sure, I wouldn’t have started BBL if I had any doubt that it wouldn’t go international!

Do you ever go bare-faced outside the house?  

Yeah, many times I do. I am blessed with good skin and going bare-faced makes me look younger.

Who inspires your sense of beauty and well-being?

My mom! She is one of the most beautiful and elegant ladies on earth.

What’s your favourite shop in The Galleria on Al Maryah Island?

The whole vibe of this place is lovely; the cafés, the restaurants, the selections of shops. For fashion, I like to shop at Dior, Gucci and Roger Vivier. I love to eat in La Petite Maison, too. My absolute favourite shop would be Van Cleef & Arpels!