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Recipe for Success with LPM's Chef Adriano

Born and raised in France, Chef Adriano Cattaneo was appointed Global Executive Chef of LPM Restaurant and Bar in mid 2022.

The talented chef's love for cooking began in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant, where he gained knowledge of seasonal cookery techniques. Thanks to his early fascination for food, he was inspired to opt for a career path in hospitality. With hard work and perseverance, Chef Adriano earned his Culinary Arts degree in 2005 at L’Ecôle Hôtelière de Saint-Quentin, in Yvelines, France. His culinary foundations were largely based on French techniques and European gastronomy.

Where are you from, and did your nationality have any influence in pursuing your professional career?

I am from France and grew up in Normandy where my family owned a restaurant. Growing up I was surrounded by my parents always cooking, and I believe that watching them in the kitchen and seeing their own cooking techniques is something that propelled me to pursue my career.

Salt Baked Sea Bass

Did your family teach you the art of cooking? If not, who did?

My love for cooking began in the kitchen of my father’s restaurant, where I gained knowledge of seasonal cooking techniques. Thanks to my early fascination for food, I was inspired to opt for a career path in hospitality. I was lucky enough to work alongside Chef Jean Louis Nomicos and he really helped me discover the potential I had when it came to my culinary skill.

He was always willing to share his knowledge and techniques with me, and I soon became one of his most trusted apprentices. I would also like to mention Chef Joël Robuchon who was my mentor for 8 years. He guided me through the beginning of my culinary career. During those 8 years, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. He taught me the importance of technique, creativity, and using fresh ingredients. But most importantly, he taught me how to work hard and always put my guests first.

At what age did you know that you have a passion for cooking, and what was the first dish you ever prepared?

I have fond memories of when I would spend time with my grandfather in Normandy. We would collect apples from the trees in his garden and make delicious apple donuts. I would assist him in the kitchen and prepare the donut maker to cook them.

What kind of dishes do you like preparing most, and what ingredients do you prefer using the most?

Since starting at LPM Restaurant & Bar one of my favourite dishes to cook has become the Homemade Lobster Mafaldine. This dish brings together the flavours of the coastal line and the ribbon shaped pasta really works to hold the flavour of every ingredient within its ridges.

My cooking is very much in the traditional French style: simple, fresh, and always with an eye towards flavour. Olive oil is definitely one ingredient I could never cook without! My father is Italian, therefore I have been surrounded by Mediterranean culture all my childhood and the only recipe that works for me is one that uses olive oil. It is certainly among some of the most integral and traditional ingredients. Not only for cooking but also for preparing and seasoning authentic dishes.

Lamb Cutlets

What are your favourite cuisines and why?

Thanks to the nationalities of both my parents, my mother being French and my father Italian, I grew a passion for both of these cuisines as I grew up. I was always surrounded by incredible food from two cultures that have so much to offer in terms of food. French cuisine is for me one of the richest cuisines in the world because of its exceptional products, how fresh it is, and how a dish can be simple yet so impactful when it is made with proper and fresh ingredients.

Homemade Lobster Mafaldine

Do you give your professional recommendation in what you serve when preparing a meal for a famous person, or do you leave it up to them?

When a celebrity comes through our doors, of course it can be exciting to host them, however our level of service and our list of recommendations remain the same for everyone. Our service and quality do not change depending on our guest and we offer the same standard to everyone. But as with every guest we have come to our restaurants, we leave it to them to decide what they would like to order of course.

What are some of the goals you aspire to achieve in the coming period?

In addition to the two new openings last year (Limassol last June and Doha since mid-November), we have some extremely exciting news to share regarding the global expansion of LPM Restaurant & Bar in 2023. Additionally, one of our key priorities will be recruitment. I am excited about bringing on young talent to my team so they can develop and grow alongside LPM and feel invested in its success.

Homemade Pecorino Tortellini with Truffle

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