Flagship Apple Store in Pictures

The Galleria
Feb 18, 2022

Flagship Apple Store in Pictures

The first glimpse of Apple's new flagship at The Galleria has been revealed, and it promises to be one of the most spectacular Apple locations worldwide with a dedicated concept for Abu Dhabi.

Register for the opening on 25 February, stay up to date on all the latest store news and download the dedicated Al Maryah Island store wallpaper on the Apple website here: www.apple.com/ae/retail/almaryahisland.

Please note, as per the link above, " To protect your health and that of the other customers, visits on 25 February are only possible with pre-booking and are limited in number."

The glass façade is now visible to the public, offering passersby a pre-opening view of what is to come.

Apple have said on their website, "If a grain of sand can transform into a luminous pearl, at Apple Al Maryah Island an idea can definitely turn into a brilliant gem", and this store is definitely a gem in Abu Dhabi.



From inside The Galleria, the logo is certainly eye-catching, and visitors will enter the store through a glass-enclosed boulevard over the waterfall feature.


Before the unveiling of the glass façade, the store had special wrapping paying homage to the history of pearl diving in Abu Dhabi with an eye-catching pearlescent logo, and the tagline “Creativity Shines Within”.


Cascading waterfalls create a sense of calm and peacefulness, while adding to the waterfront promenade's spectacular views. Make the most of this during the cooler months, and get the perfect instagrammable moments from L'ETO and Almayass.

Apple Waterfall.jpg

The store itself is a 'Pearl in a Shell', making it an exclusive concept globally, created just for Abu Dhabi.

Apple BW.jpg

It’s a special brand in a stunning location, which will make for truly unique experiences. We can't wait for the opening. Details to be announced very soon.

Additional photography by @Appleholic.