As’Haal Park

Take your time with 4 hours free parking

Open today: 10am - 10pm
Location: The Galleria Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

As’Haal Park

Take your time with 4 hours free parking

   10am - 10pm
   The Galleria Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi


As'Haal Park is an innovative paid parking system at The Galleria. Now, guests can enjoy 4 hours of free parking on weekdays, and free parking every weekend and on public holidays. Fully ticketless and contactless, As’Haal (meaning 'easy') is designed to create a convenient and seamless experience for our guests.


Why have you introduced paid parking at The Galleria Al Maryah Island?

  • The Galleria Al Maryah Island’s priority has always been to enhance the overall guest experience and access to convenient parking is integral to this.
  • The Galleria is a popular destination amongst the Abu Dhabi community, and we want to ensure that our guests can have a smooth and seamless parking experience.
  • The Galleria’s new , innovative parking system, As’haal Park, features multiple benefits that will improve the overall guest and parking experience:
    • As’haal Park features a contactless ‘Find My Car’ feature, a convenient and helpful service for guests.
    • As’Haal Park is a ticketless system based on number plate recognition, removing the need for guests to register their car or retain a physical parking ticket.
    • As’haal Park features a fully digital and contactless payment system with an option for payments via QR code, creating a safe and hassle-free experience.
  • Parking at The Galleria is free on weekends and public holidays
  • Parking is free for the first four hours on weekdays (Sunday – Thursday)

How does the new paid parking system work?

  • The new parking system utilises the latest innovations in car park technology for a seamless parking experience. The new parking system is timed and ticketless and operates based on number plate recognition.
  • Upon entry, a camera will capture the number plate details of the vehicle. Vehicles will not be required to stop as tickets are not issued (ticketless).
  • When leaving, if less than four hours has been spent at the mall during the weekday, you can proceed straight to the exit.
  • If you have spent more than four hours in the mall the relevant charge can be paid online via QR Code or at one of the Automated Payment Machines in the car park lobbies.

Are all areas of the shopping mall car park part of the new parking system?

  • Yes, all of The Galleria’s parking areas are equipped with the new parking system.

Is there a period of free parking available for customers of The Galleria?

  • During weekends and public holidays, parking at The Galleria Al Maryah Island will remain free.
  • During weekdays, the first four hours are free, and nominal fees will only apply thereafter depending on the total length of your visit.
  • Fees do not apply to People of Determination.

What are the parking rates?

For guests the weekday rates are:

  • Up to 4 hours FREE
  • 4-5 hours AED 20
  • 5-6 hours AED 40
  • 6-7 hours AED 60
  • 7+ hours AED 120
  • Weekends and public holidays are free

Parking fees do not apply to People of Determination.

What payment methods are available?

  • At the Pay Station: Cash, credit card or tap and go.
  • At the Exit Gate: Credit card or tap and go.
  • Online: Scan the QR card and complete the details.

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