'Sheikh Zayed - An Eternal Legacy' exclusive at Virgin Megastore

مايو 2, 2021

'Sheikh Zayed - An Eternal Legacy' exclusive at Virgin Megastore

Discover the exclusive Sheikh Zayed - An Eternal Legacy book, available only at Virgin Megastore. Explore this ode to the Father of the Nation and be inspired by his extraordinary life.

In 1968, the coastal Arab emirates entered into an unprecedented phase of vulnerability: The British, who had protected the emirates for 150 years, suddenly announced their intention to withdraw from the region. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi, knew there was only one way forward: the emirates had to unite under a single nation. In December of 1971, after a series of negotiations, the United Arab Emirates was born, and Sheikh Zayed, its founding father, was named the first President.

Under Sheikh Zayed’s leadership, the fledgling UAE grew to become a towering example of economic, social and political progression within the Middle East. But throughout his reign, Sheikh Zayed dedicated as much of himself to the welfare of his people as he did to his country’s progress. His benevolence, humility, and tolerance were legendary, and he was widely revered as father figure to all. Sheikh Zayed’s profound care for his people extended to the environment, as he helped transform the Arab desert into an oasis for agriculture. He also became known as a champion of equality, advocating for women’s rights and preaching religious tolerance. A religious man himself, the teaching of Islam formed the core of his education and shaped his approach to both life and leadership.

In this compelling addition to Assouline’s Ultimate Collection, Myrna Ayad examines Sheikh Zayed’s enduring legacy through the pillars that defined his life—as a father, a unifier, a conservationist, a faithful man, and a modernist. The volume brings Sheikh Zayed to vivid life through archival photographs and exclusive interviews with politicians and family members who knew the ruler intimately. A reverent ode to the Father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed: An Eternal Legacy reveals that more than fifteen years after the end of his reign, Sheikh Zayed lives on in all of the men and women who are continuing his work, steering the UAE into bright and progressive future.

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