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Abu Dhabi Culinary Season is Back!

نوفمبر 9, 2022

Abu Dhabi Culinary Season is Back!

Abu Dhabi Culinary season returned for its fifth edition!

This year Abu Dhabi Culinary season will emphasise the relationship between art, craftmanship, and food oriented around the flavours of Abu Dhabi, from 25 October to 5 December 2022. Indulge on a gastronomic journey across dining outlets #AtTheGalleria as part of the 2022 Abu Dhabi Culinary Season.

Discover mouth-watering signature dishes prepared especially for this occasion! Each signature dish conveys a story exclusive to the brand and history of each location.

Try out our signature dishes, including:

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Al Mayass

Signature dish: Kabab Karaz - Grilled Kabab with Armenian sour Cherry

Price: AED 99

Chilean sea bass cazuela 2_edited.jpg


Signature Dish: Chilean Seabass iron pot – One of Coya's global signature dishes comes with a sweet & spice combination of a hearty sauce.

Price: AED 229

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LPM Restaurant & Bar

Signature Dish: Canard à l’Orange - Slow Cooked Duck Legs with Orange Glaze.

Price: AED 180

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Signature Dish: Mantoo Dumplings - These steamed dumplings are served on a bed of garlic yoghurt stuffed with minced beef, onions, and coriander, and topped with a ragout of beef, split peas, and special spices.

Price: Side portion AED 68, Main portion AED 95



Signature Dish: Tenderloin and Truffle Cheesy Rock- Tenderloin beef mixed with dry rubs, crispy mac & cheese truffle rock, parmesan mushrooms and broccoli on a base of marinara pesto sauce.

Price: AED 109

*Advanced reservation might be required.